Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great Tribulations Coming

February 28, 2012
My word is open and honest for all the world to see. There is great tribulations coming to your world. One in which will impact many people. So all of you must pray hard and open yourselves to my word so you will be saved. The devil will try to stop you in this mission. You must ignore every temptation from him to despair. Remember always my temptations in the desert. I understand how hard this can be, how painful. Come to me and my Father for rest from these temptations. I fasted in order to rebuke the devil. You must do this too. You can complete your mission and I will help you. I am always here with help and love. My word is an open book when calling out for help. Please turn to me when you are in need of aid. I will satisfy your needs. I promise. Please believe me. All is well in the kingdom because all of you are completing your missions for me. Thank you.


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