Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stand Up For What Is Right

February 7, 2012
I want you to write about wisdom and grace. These are fruits of my people. Fruits that come with much fasting and prayer. Don’t hesitate to ask me what I mean. The wisdom I speak of is knowing God with your whole heart, mind, and soul. And you need heavenly grace to live out this mission. Heavenly wisdom will come with truly knowing your God, studying scripture, and fasting and praying. Wisdom also comes with great discernment for knowing what is good and right and just. One must strive for this heavenly wisdom. One must grow in humility to obtain it. You must be wise in the world around you for great sins are taking place. I will give you the grace you need to speak with wisdom on these matters. You must ask for the guidance to know what to say to fellow Christians who are in the wrong. Stand up for what is right with great wisdom and knowledge coming from your God. Do not let what people say get in your way of speaking the truth. You know in your heart what the truth is. This is your special gift of discernment. Use it wisely and knowledge will come to you. Speak openly of the gift of life. It is a true gift and not to be taken lightly. Any attempts against life are truly wrong. You must pray to speak out against these grave sins. All is well in the kingdom when my children fight for me. Thank you.
Your Jesus

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