Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Unite Your Suffering With Mine This Holy Week

April 3, 2012
I want you to write of my mercy and compassion I have for all of humanity during this holy week. My compassion is strong and mighty. It can fight all temptations you may have. I fought much temptation in my agony in the garden, but my Father’s mercy and compassion for me helped me to endure. You see my children, I know your struggles especially now at this time of holy week. I wanted to give up my fight many times but my Father’s compassion for me helped me to continue. I wept for all of humanity. I wept for so much sin. My compassion for the world grew at that time. Why else would I have had to suffer so much? It was for you my dear children. It was to atone for your sinfulness. A sinfulness brought on by no other than the evil one. Whenever these afflictions strike, call on me and go to the foot of the cross. I will be there and I will feel your pain and suffering. Unite your suffering with mine this holy week and we can save many souls. Pray and fast without ceasing this week. My compassion and mercy will be there to help you carry your crosses with me. Keep this week solemn in your homes and meditate on my sacred mysteries. My mother will be with you as you carry your crosses. She will serve as an instrument for my love. She can always help to lessen your load. Go to her. She understands. Many blessings for you on this holy week. I love you my children.

Your Jesus

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