Thursday, April 12, 2012

Listening For The Truth

April 12, 2012
Today I want you to write about the spirit and the truth. The Holy Spirit will help you to know what the truth is. When you are fretting and turbulent you are not relying on the spirit to show you the truth. The spirit will speak to you in your heart but you must listen. Know the voice of the spirit. Many, many of you hear the voice but deny it is I your God. Know that when you hear my voice it is the truth. Pray for the gift of discernment because you are bombarded with many other voices of the world. But if you pray, you will know when you hear my voice. No other voice will speak the truth to you, and you must not listen if it is not me. I sent you the Holy Spirit in times like these to speak truth to you. You must listen with your whole body, mind, and soul. It is a test of your will to listen this way. Every one of you has the gift of the Holy Spirit to listen to but you must accept. My spirit is abundant at this time. I have sent many prophets to the world to listen to my true voice and convey words of encouragement to you. Are you going to listen? It is your choice. Knowledge can be blasphemous if it is not from me. Only true knowledge comes from me. Remember that in your discernment. Quiet prayer time will lead you to the fruits of knowledge in me. Spend time with me in adoration and after receiving holy Eucharist. I will calm your soul and help you to listen to my true spirit. Keep working on listening for the truth. You will get there my children.

Your Father in heaven

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