Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love Through The Heart Of Jesus

April 24, 2012
I need you to write about compassion and love through the heart of Jesus. This is the only way to bring love to others...through my heart. My heartstrings are pulled every time my children are in need and no one is there to help them. This is where I am found - in the needy, helpless, homeless. The smallest ones are where you will find me. They need your help. This is what I intended for my children. To help one another through my sacred heart. Read scriptures to be inspired to do so. Most of you have so much and so little time to pour forth your love to others. Now is the time to do so. Look for the smallest people you can help everyday. The weak, tired, and lonely need you. They need you now. Now is the time to come to my sacred heart with compassion for others. I need your help to help these others in need and they will in turn bless you. What a blessing. What a great gift to bring to your world is your compassion. My heart is in the lowliest of people. That is where you will find me. Knock and I will answer your call. I will help you help others in need. This is a big mission. We must bring as many souls back to me as possible. Some are despondent and living in despair. Search these out and show them my face. I will help you my children. I will give you the grace to do so. All my love.

Your Jesus

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