Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Grow In Wisdom And Love

April 19, 2012
I want you to write about my wisdom, love and grace. So many of you don’t believe in my heavenly wisdom. I come to light in knowledge of where you are in your life. Not all of you will understand this and that is where grace comes in. I give you the grace to understand some of my wisdom because I love you. I will give you these graces if you pray for them. And I want you to stay in a state of grace by going to confession and trying to fight sin. I love you and my knowledge speaks volumes to a world in need. No one knows when I will come again, so please be ready by studying my word in scriptures. I will give you the grace to understand, but you must believe me. I come to you as a gentle father full of compassion and wealth of knowledge for you. I have your paths already mapped out for you. You must now comply. You will start to understand many heavenly truths as you follow me more. My son is there as a guide for you. He taught the truth while on earth. Why can’t so many of you follow him? I gave him to you because I love you. You must follow his teachings. This is my plan for you my children... to grow in wisdom and love. How else can we fight the evil one if we don’t have the knowledge to do so? Fight him with holy scriptures and the rosary. Rely on your heavenly mother to help you do so. What else can I say but to love the scriptures. Trust them and know they are from your father. Peace I leave you. I love you.

Your Father God

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