Thursday, January 5, 2012

Humbleness And Strength

January 5, 2012
I want you to write about my mercy and finding strength in me. You will not find much strength in other places today my child. And you cannot search for strength alone in yourself. You must come to me and I will be your strength. I know you are weary, but lay your burdens down and please lean on me. So many of you want to look to other gods for your strength. When you come to me for strength, I will show you mercy. When you are humble my child, then comes strength from me. When you become weak, I become strong. You must find yourself as little as possible to become a part of my kingdom. Know that I understand that this is a great task for you. Know that your willingness to become humble is what I need, not your strength. I already know of your weaknesses. You must meditate on these and bring them to me. One great deception of the devil is to believe that you are stronger alone than you really are. Know that this is a lie. I need you to come to me for your strength to serve my kingdom. Prayer and fasting again will truly help you grow in your faith and humbleness. Thank you for taking the time to pray now and work on an open relationship with me. I will help you when you come to me in this way. Go and serve the kingdom in humbleness and strength.
Love, Jesus

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