Monday, January 30, 2012

The Battle Between Good And Evil

January 26, 2012
I want you to write about the battle between good and evil. So many of you dabble in the occult. You cannot do this my children. It is not a joke. It is a real danger. My mother and I are losing too many souls this way. This includes fortune telling, astrology, gambling, rituals, etc. You can turn any bad habit into an obsession for the evil side. You must be aware of where your heart lies. It is okay to have hobbies and talents, but you must always be using them to serve me. The evil one is waiting to snatch up every soul that gives him a little room. You must take every opportunity to not let him in. You must refuse every temptation to engage in these evil practices. Pornography and abortion are ruining too many lives. People are turning deaf ears to these practices and they are being led to sin. My mother weeps for the world when she sees so many souls being led to darkness. You must not let this happen my children. Please fast and pray everyday that these evil practices will stop. It cannot continue to happen this way. Destruction and judgement will come soon due to these practices, but my mother hears a pleading heart. Pray to her daily to stop these evil practices. We need your prayers. Do not turn away from these evils. They are prevalent. Make every opportunity one to deny these evil trends. Speak out about the destruction of souls. The worst lie the devil has is to lead souls to believe he is not there. How foolish to believe this. Attack him with your heavenly talents and lead others away from him as well. I have given you the tools to do this. Arm yourself with the rosary and holy oils. This will help in your fight. You will win my children because I am with you. Trust my words on this matter. All is well in the kingdom.
Your Jesus and mother Mary

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