Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fear Not, For Your Jesus Is Listening

January 24, 2012
My dear child, all is well in the kingdom when my children follow my word and stop ignoring me. You must heed my call and not turn away from me. I am speaking to you at this time, but you must take time to listen. It is in the quiet time that my heart is full of joy spent with you. I can teach you so many things in this time. It is not a hard chore, but an easy delight. Stop what you are doing this day and ask me what I need of you for the kingdom. I may need rest, I many need chores completed, I many need you to spend time with my other hurting children. It does not matter what task I ask of you but that you listen. When in doubt, follow your heart to know what to do next. It is there that I reign. Fear not, for your Jesus is listening when you talk to me. Bring your worries and cares to me so I can calm your troubles. You must trust that I can help you. It is then that we can work out a situation together. Many of my children are so troubled because they leave me out of their life. I am the only one who can help you at these dark times. Call out to me and I will be there. I love you and am awaiting your call.

Your Jesus

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