Friday, January 20, 2012

The Evil One Is Among You Now

January 19, 2012
I want to speak to you today of the coming forth of my kingdom. It will happen now sooner than you think my child. When in doubt, look to the saints. They have been foretold of my coming kingdom for many years now. That is why they worked so hard to pray for the conversion of sinners. You too must do this now. There is not a lot of time left to pray for these sinners. My new kingdom will be a glorious kingdom, one of real peace and beauty, but many chastisements must come first. I am not telling you this to scare you but to urge you to get down on your knees for sinners. Now is the time for all those who look away to look forward and keep their eyes on me. Many days ahead will be filled with turmoil from the evil one and the part that is the worst is that my children will not recognize the disturbances of the evil one. Pray for the discernment of spirits and pray that my children will open their eyes to the evil one’s ways. You must pray together in groups to thwart his wicked ways. You must gather in prayer and discernment and open your eyes to what is going on. The evil one is among you now. No more wondering about his coming. This is not a scary thing, but a good thing to know so you can be aware of his antics. He will try to make himself look holy and good, but he will be righteous and snaring. He will trick the holy into following him. Pray, pray, pray that you and your loved ones will not be easily deceived by him. He will try to work on the hurt and lonely souls, so they need your prayers to fight his lies. We will win this battle but we need to awake now. Thank you for listening and please tell my people to pray and keep their eyes open.
Your Jesus
Read: Zechariah 10, Isaiah 49

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