Saturday, October 6, 2012

Abortion Is Such A Big Problem

October 4, 2012
Abortion is such a big problem today along with the culture of death. I want it eliminated. We have to work together with one faith to eradicate this evil. Take a moment everyday and pray that these evils will stop. It is destroying the world. My plans are being destroyed when lives are ended uselessly. There is always another way. Another option. Work to help your communities stop this travesty. Fast and pray hard. It is up to you my children. Pray many rosaries for the conversion of sinners in this matter. I even want all contraception stopped. It is not my plan. You are stopping the divine will of my Father with the culture of death. The devil delights in this. This is what he wants for you, but never from your Jesus. Please work with me and Mary to stop these evils. We need your endless prayers. Start with your closest family members and convert them. I need you to stand up to this evil in your families. We can work together to make a difference. Thank you.

Your Jesus

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