Monday, September 3, 2012

Great Compassion And Love For All

August 2, 2012
I want you to write about my great compassion and love for all. It is not just for chosen souls but for all. I will not turn the most hardened sinner away. His face will shine to me like a rose. I will embrace him with all my heart. Tell this sinner he should not be afraid for his God is near. Tell others to bring these sinners to me. I will wipe away their tears. They are looking for many ways out of their own toil. I am their only way out. Tell them I am carrying them on this stony journey. They have never been alone. I have walked by their side since the beginning and all they have to do is reach their hand out to me and hold on. It is a time of tribulation in the world. Please spread this message to the hardest sinners to just reach their hand out to me. Pray hard for the conversion of these sinners. Your prayers will save many. Fear not my children because a new age is coming. I need your help to turn a multitude away from sin. Come to me and I will give you rest.

Your Jesus

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