Friday, June 29, 2012

Pray To Help Save Souls Each Morning

June 28, 2012
Try not to lose sight of me in your daily lives. Do not lose sight of the tabernacle where I reign. A new time is coming which all will need to fast and pray. Much evil will arise and we need your prayers to save souls. Tell the world this my child. I cannot convince you enough of what your fasting and prayers will do for the world. Will you follow me now? Will you be my light in a world of darkness? Do not be downtrodden. If you are, you are spending too much time focusing on yourself. There is no time for that. A multitude of sins are committed each day. We need your prayers. Offer up the day’s miseries to save souls. Many of you are on earth to do so. I love my kingdom so much and wish to bring about a new peace, but many will suffer first because they don’t know me. Help them to know me in your thoughts and words and deeds. Pray to help save souls each morning. It will bless you fivefold. Do not be afraid of this task. You are capable of dedicating your life to this. Be sure that I will transform the kingdom. All is well.

Your Jesus

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