Friday, June 15, 2012

Cast Out All Fear When It Arises

June 11, 2012
I want all of my disciples to follow me and come on hands and feet before the tabernacle. This is where you will find me, Your Jesus. You do not have to look any further. When you are weary and need rest, please come here. For my yoke is easy and my burden light. Why do I tell you this my children? Because I long to see you and to be with you. I cannot minister to you in the chaos of your day, only the quiet. You must make these quiet times for me to reign in. All is well when you do this. Many nights can go by when we do not talk at all. This makes me sad. How can I minister to your souls when you do not talk to me? I will not force myself upon you. I am your gentle Jesus. I am kind and understanding to your needs. Come away with me at adoration where we can be together. It is a resting place for you and for me. Knock and the door will be open for you. It takes a long time to get established with this habit, but it will happen for you. Ask me to help you get to adoration and I will. I will never fail you. You are my child. I will never leave you. Do not be afraid. Cast out all fear when it arises. I give you the power to do so. Come and be with your Jesus. I am waiting.


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